Where sports meet advocacy


Our model

Social-emotional athletic development

Fifth Ward Saints Athletics is a Social-Emotional Athletic Development Program that uses sports to build relationships and engage  players and their families with community resources. These trusting relationships and environment allow players and their families to express ongoing issues that are negatively impacting the family system.   It also allows a  safe place for families to accept recommended referrals/resources by volunteer social workers.


Who we are

The Fifth Ward Saints transforms the lives of children through athletic, academic, artistic and social service programs. To the youth in its programs, the Fifth Ward Saints offers a chance to participate in organized activities. In reality, the Fifth Ward Saints offers far more than that—it provides a way to connect at-risk children to ongoing case management, as well as nutrition and educational services.


We're growing.


Houston, tx

Fifth Ward Saints

Houston, TX is where it all began, in our namesake, the Fifth Ward. Since 2009, we have served more than 2,100 children and families in the Fifth Ward community.

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Iowa city, IA

Fifth Ward Saints North

In 2017, Carlos and his wife Tatum were looking to expand the program. And Iowa City was the place to do it. Coming to Iowa City was a homecoming for Carlos who grew up in the area.

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