Social-emotional athletic development.



Carlos Honore

Tatum Honore


Carlos Honore grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He and his six siblings were raised by a drug-addicted parents who struggled to provide stability and basic needs for their family. For Carlos, education was not a priority, and he found himself in trouble with the law before he was a teenager.

Carlos and his family moved to Iowa City in 1992, and for the first time in his life, Carlos became involved in organize sports at Iowa City West. He excelled at football, and was the only Trojan to earn all-state honors in his sophomore, junior and senior seasons. It was sports that helped teach him the value of engagement and teamwork. Carlos went on to play in college, but could not maintain his eligibility and left school before earning his degree.

Looking back on his life experiences, it became clear to Carlos that children growing up in similar circumstances could succeed if they had strong role models and adults who cared about their well-being. it was this simple yet powerful message that led to Carlos and his wife Tatum to establish the Fifth Ward Saints in 2009.


Board of Directors

Jan Leff
Interim Chair

Tatum Honore

Justin Flick

Dave Lane

Sarah Nelson-Miller


Fifth Ward Saints North has created a direct partnership with the Iowa City Community School District, which will identify the 40 most at-risk children at five schools (200 total). The program will offer a holistic approach, providing academic support; access to critical physical and mental health services, and family needs and resources.

The program will also provide opportunities to participate in athletics and arts programs that will help build leadership and character, and teach respect and team work. No other program in Iowa city area combines athletics and arts with dedicated social services.